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P.L.I, P.A.T, Risk Assessment & DBS (the new crb)

Public Liability Insurance &

Portable Appliance Test Certificates

Though not a legal requirement, it is strongly advised to ensure ALL electrical equipment used by your entertainer is PAT Tested and that they also have P.L.I Cover.

When booking an entertainer, they really need the following - PAT & PLI Cover - many venues ask for these.

I have put all up-to-date certificates on this page for venues to check

PAT=Portable Appliance Testing

(PDF certificates on the right unless on mobile, then above)

ALL my electrical equipment has been PAT Tested. Even the Battery System, even though this does not require PAT testing. I do not use this much equipment for any of my bookings - but I like my back-up systems and all my spare cables, checked.

My FULL set up is PAT tested every year and the certificates are on this page for you &/or your venue to download, though 95% of bookings I only use a couple of items that plug in to a 3 pin socket.


NOVEMBER 18th 2019 - NOVEMBER 17th 2020




PLI=Public Liability Insurance

(Proof of cover to the right unless on mobile, then below)

As a member of Equity, I have full Public Liability Insurance Cover for £10,000,000. Here is my Equity Card with all the details and you are welcome to Google the facts.


My membership is renewed automatically every year.


My PLI current cover expires December 31st, 2019

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Although i do not do anything that is dangerous, here is a General Risk Assessment PDF for download, if one is required. 



Yes, i have a DBS certificate dated June 2018 ... but did you know it is not a legal requirement: 

For those who ask to provide a DBS/CRB certificate for the services I offer, I encourage you to check the law and UK legal requirements and DBS criteria to ensure you are acting within the law.

To try help, 

CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) is now known as DBS (Disclosure & Barring Services) and in 2012 the law and legal requirements changed.

One of those changes were/are the Professions who LEGALLY require an enhanced-DBS Certificate (ie: Doctors, Teachers, Carers , Nursery Staff etc)

Children/Family Entertainers do NOT meet the legal criteria, therefore are NOT on the list of Professions. This means NO Children's entertainer can legally obtain an enhanced DBS certificate for simply being an entertainer for any one-off events. This includes performances for schools, nurseries, scouts, brownies - just to name a few. 

But what some do not know, it is actually ILLEGAL to state an enhanced DBS Certificate is required for a position that does not meet the criteria as set out by law. An enhanced DBS certificate is also NOT transferable. Each position that legally requires an enhanced DBS certificate must apply for one based on the position in question.

However, anyone can apply for the Basic DBS certificate - though again, it is not a legal requirement for the type of work I do. 

I have a DBS certificate, dated June 2018 (see photo), because I am happy to share with potential customers, and clients, that I do not have any convictions, cautions, reprimands or warnings. Like my PLI & PAT certificates, though not legally required - I have my DBS done yearly.

If any positions I am offered meet the legal requirements of the DBS - I will gladly share both the DBS ID & Certificate Numbers. 


All this information is available on the DBS website or by contacting the DBS Direct.


Make sure you contact the official DBS for any queries.

All this information is avalaible at: https://www.gov.uk/dbs

Tony Junior the etertainer DBS certificate

Tony Junior DBS Certificate. To prevent misuse, some details have been erased. I am happy to provide the full DBS ID and Certificate numbers when it is a genuine legal requirement. 

Like my PAT & PLI certificates, my DBS certificate is renewed annually and is here to show potential customers and clients I have No Convictions, No Cautions, No Reprimands & No Warnings.  

Tony Junior the etertainer DBS certificate