The 10 year olds and overs can be a very lively bunch and up for a good laugh or too cool.




I offer a wide range of entertainment to suit all occasions for this age group.


This is just a guideline or what I do to fit this age, does not mean it is limited to this age group.


Comedy Magic Shows, Great Party Games, Indoor & Outdoor Garden Games, Game for a Giggle, Discos for 10yr olds and overs for Birthday Parties, or Christenings, Weddings, Family Fun Days - basically all occasions where older children need entertaining

Entertainment for


10 year olds and Overs

Here is a short clip of a disco party for 11yr olds with Dance Offs, Action Dances, Competitions, Boys v Girls, the BIG finale and a good ol' boogie



An older children's Comedy Show with a difference - can be included 



The content and show will/may vary, I judge on the day what I think might work best.



This was Recorded live, October 2014

Here is a short clip of me performing at one of Haven Holiday's Largest Holiday Centres, Craig Tara in Ayr in 2014. Have performed hundreds of shows here, and always nice to return as my very first season with Butlin's was this park before it was sold


This was a family show, so presentation aimed at a wider age range


Please excuse the video and sound quality as this was recorded live,not using professional recording gear - but is a live performance with a great audience reaction.


To watch the clip, 


click here 'Watch the video on YouTube' 

Childrens Magic Shows Newcastle Sunderland Durham Northumberland South North Tyneside
Older Childrens Entertainer Newcastle Sunderland Durham Northumberland South North Tyneside
Childrens Magic Comedy Shows Newcastle Sunderland Durham Northumberland South North Tyneside

The Mad



Fun Comedy Magic Shows for the older age group, 10 years and overs.


Don't worry if you expect a few younger or older, this is just a guide, packages, shows can ALL be adapted to suit what is required.


Complete with real magic, fun comedy magic, and usually a very funny ventriloquism routine where an audience member becomes the puppet. Lot's of interaction and lot's of laughs


Shows are no shorter than 45minutes, but can be adapted if you have different requirements




The Tip Top Party complete with Children's Disco.


The entertainment is designed to suit this age range and are full of fun with lot's of participation.


Possibly a mixture of Disco, Non-Elimination Party Games, Fun Action Party Dances and either a funny Comedy Magic Show or a Game for a Giggle.  


Ideal for Birthday Parties, School Discos, Weddings, Christenings - basically any function where people expect a lot of children in this age group


for a


Something you would expect on a holiday centre, The Game for a Giggle is usually up top an hour, ideal for larger groups, like schools, scouts, brownies - and can be a team ' Game Show, most popular Girls for Boys or Odd Age Group v Even Age Group and team mates take part if various challenges for points.


Or lot's of challenges/games/competitions where lot's of contestants are invited to take part in a particular challenge.


Both are great fun and are something very different


Great Games


The Great Kids Games Party type Package is an hour of Games. Again, i decide on the day - but usually a mixture of:


Tradional Party Games: Musical type games 


Game for a Giggle: Holiday Park Style Gameshows


Garden Games: like Giant Jenga, Connect 4,  Blindfolded Game


I provide a mixture of all above to suit what the age range may be on the day. This package is ideal for 60minutes.




Something really different for for the older kids


Great Garden Games, that can go indoors or outdoors.


A mixture of big prop games like Giant Jenga, Connect 4, Noughts & Crosses, Limbo, Hula Hoop, Bowls and many more or perhaps some sports games, rounders, kwik kwicket, football or perhaps some other fun kids games like Tig, Hide n Seek and many more


Great fun ideal for both large & small groups



Children's Magic Workshops are designed for children 6 years and upwards.  The workshops can be in a class like situation or walkabout.


Ideal for Birthday Parties, Schools, Scouts, Brownies, Christenings, Weddings, Family Fun Days.


Complete with some funny tailor made routines and although children won't become overnight magicians - they become Tricky Tricksters and will learn some great fun magic tricks using everyday objects like Cards, Hair Bobbles, Straws, Crayons, Dice and more.


You can supply your own props, I will email details or I sell the magic workshop pack materials or I can supply the objects I plan to use for the students to loan for the duration. This workshop uses everyday onjects


For more details check out the website in below footer

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