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Looking for Children's Entertainment for Family Events, you need someone with ample material to suit all 'possibilities' and you ARE certainly in the right place .


Why you need someone who is flexible?


At a children's birthday party, there are usually 20 plus children - all in the same age bracket, so entertainers know where they stand and what to do.


At a House Party/Function the age range is not always consistent and sometimes only a few children, and perhaps you are not sure what might be best - also, space can be a factor.


I have a range of ideas to suit all possibilities, all I need is an idea of how many children between 3yrs and 9yrs are expected and how many 10yr/11yr olds might attend.


3yrs to 9yrs is the typical children entertainers age range, 10yr olds and overs it depends on the individuals and who they are with. But they do not usually have a lot in common with 3yrs - 6yrs.


But, I have a lot of material and I know no-one else in the Northeast will offer this range of material.


For most House Parties/Functions, you need a children's entertainer who is experienced and versatile and can adapt.


The below Shows, the Mixed Package Balloon Modeling,  Garden Games and Magic Workshops - are perfect for these occasions


Below are some of the packages I offer, in detail.


I also can tailor make entertainment to suit what you require - for a family house party, i would suggest 60minutes to 90minutes is fine

Here is a short clip of me performing at one of Haven Holiday's Largest Holiday Centres, Craig Tara in Ayr in 2014. Have performed hundreds of shows here, and always nice to return as my very first season with Butlin's was this park before it was sold


This was a family show, so presentation aimed at older age group rather than toddlers


Please excuse the video and sound quality as this was recorded live,not using professional recording gear - but is a live performance with a great audience reaction.



To watch the clip, click here 'Watch the video on YouTube' 

up to 45minutes


Magic Shows

to suit the

Age Range

Many entertainers have one show they perform,I offer a much wider range of both Children & Family Comedy Fun Magic Shows, simply because audiences differ at every Family Function


Click here to see full show list, shows are no shorter than 45 minutes


The Shows are designed to suit the audience on the day. I offer Toddlers, 5yrs to 9yrs, 10yrs and overs and Family Shows - all shows are specially designed, funny interactive shows and have been performed nationally thousands of times. For more info in the shows click here


It all depends on what the 'majority' children's age group is. For example, if there are 8 children mixed age range between 3yrs and 11yrs - then family show is best ... if there are 10 plus children between 4yrs and 9yrs, then children's magic show is best.  


Versatility and flexibility is what you need from an entertainer and this is exactly what you get if you hire me.


I always take enough ideas and decide on the day which show I think will work best.

up tp 60minutes


Great Games


The Great Kids Games Party type Package is an hour of Games. Again, i decide on the day - but usually a mixture of:


Tradional Party Games: Musical type games like Pass the Parcel


Game for a Giggle: Holiday Park Style Gameshows


Garden Games: like Giant Jenga, Connect 4,  Blindfolded Game


I provide a mixture of all above to suit what the age range may be on the day. This package is ideal for 60minutes.

60mins to 90mins


Tip Top



This is a mixture of the above Show Package and Great Games.


Ideal if you require 60 minutes /90minutes. Although I can do 90 minutes, I always suggest 60 minutes is best. This package is mainly ideal if 3yrs old and 9yrs old.


The function on right photo, only had 8 children and had booked this package and hired a bouncy castle - I worked the package using the Castle


The first 30 minutes is usually games with the second 30 minutes is the show, but I always tailor to suit what I think is best on the day, so this package is flexible.




Magic Workshops are perfect if you expect a few or a of children from 6years old and overs.



The photo on the top right is a Magic Workshop photo for a house party, where 5 of the children after learning some great basic trickery, then went into the room with all the adults and performed.



Usually we are in a separate room, where adults can pop in and watch as well - and I teach some basic, but brilliant, trickery using every day objects - like Cards, Straws, Dice, Crayons, Hair Bobbles 



Then after the workshop, hopefully we will have enough volunteers to put on a short show to your party guests.


A very unique but great form of childrens home entertainment



Very popular, I usually combine with Magic as Magic is my main forte


I make a range of basic balloon models like swords, flowers, dogs, birds, hats, guns, parrots, bugs and a few others that are ideal for all age ranges. 


Ideal for October Functions



Hocus Pocus


The Spooktacular Hocus Pocus Show is a fully themed children's Halloween Show, something not many local children entertainers offer. The show is ideal for 9 years and unders


This show is a kids comedy based magic show using halloween themed props and routines. Although this show is available all year round, in October customers can choose the Children's Birthday Magic Show or the Halloween Show.


Ideal for Children's Birthday Parties & Children's Halloween Functions or if your event takes place in October






The Very Festive Magic Show is a fully themed kids Christmas Show, again something not many local children entertainers offer. 


The show is ideal for 9 years and unders


This show is a children's comedy based magic show using Christmas Themed props and special Routines. This show is available all year round, though in December customers can choose the Children's Birthday Magic Show or the Christmas Show.


Ideal for Children's Birthday Parties & Children's Christmas Functions or if your event take's place in December

Ideal for December Functions


Santa Claus




Ideal if your Christening takes place in December, why not book the Mr Santa Claus Visit


He can be mixed with any of the above packages, or hand out presents/gifts, have photos taken, walk around tables - basically what best suits your requirements


Mr Santa Claus is a great father christmas character for all those festive Occasions. As you would expect of any global celebrity - he does require a private change area

Ideal for December Functions

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