The Venticklist Shows


the ALL Comedy Puppet Shows

Ideal for all age ranges, toddlers/infants up to 9 year olds


The Ventickelist Puppet Shows Feature some really funny, unique, characters.


The Puppet Shows are available all year round and are best suited where all the children are in same age group


Below are some of the characters, that may appear in your puppet show.




Harry the Pup in-action video is on the homepage and can be found here >>> Harry the Pup Video <<<<




Harry the Puppy Puppet lives in a basket, which he calls his house. Harry's House


He is naughty, cheeky and is always playing practical jokes - and the kids LOVE him. 


He usually appears in shows for 8yrs and unders, but even the adults have a good laugh at his antics.




Jester the Joker is a Toucan Bird who think's he is a Comedian!


He has a very annoying, but funny, song, he tells lots of jokes, funny poems and has some funny impressions ....


and they are ALL about BIRDS




Snapp the Croc is a Crocodile who think's the children are his Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Supper and the snacks inbetween!



Don't worry, he is trained NOT to eat children and is very friendly ... very friendly, he will even invite you to dinner!


He usually appears in older children's shows



Walter Wand think's he is very, very, very, very clever and intelligent. 


He think's he is so clever, he should be on ITV's


The Chase


But, he has an 'alter-ego' with a super power like superman ... SuperWally the superbrain


We shall be tesing his cleverness during the show



Grandpa is very forgetful - just can't remember anything. 


His rarely finishes his stories, he often get's things mixed up, talks about his day being 'dull' when usually their is a lot more drama than a TV Soap


And, he just can't stay awake!


Thankfully, the kids can help him stay awake


Bobbie the Parrot often appears at Fun Days, Promotions, Walkabout situations rather than the show. 


He also like's Pirate Theme Parties


He only says 'Hello' .... the other words he is not allowed to say in public!


Kids love having their photo with him


Munch the Monster is a funny character, i have to watch him closely.


Last time we did a show, he ATE my magic wand


So, you'll have to help me keep an eye on him! 




Little Ollie is Big Ollie's cousin (Big Ollie is on this page as well)


He is very naughty, very cheeky - but very funny and is ALWAYS trying to get a girl friend! 


Even his SONG is naughty, but kids LOVE him





The BIG Ollie Show is something very different. Aimed at under 3 year olds to 9 year olds, these unique kids character shows are full of fun, plenty of participation with a mixture of


Ollie's Song, Singalong, Magic, Game for a Giggle & The Big Race, though each show may vary. 


Many Kids call all the Giant / Big Puppet


Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer - obviously likes to appear in the Christmas Shows


Cheeky, naughty, flirty and wants to sing that song all the times!


He has a very cute look so gets away with whatever he wants!



A Mystery Guest from your function may appear in the show. Usually the cabaret or family show.


Popular at Weddings, Christenings - basically family events because it is always very funny! 

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